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Fall - Winter 2017
Suzanne Tours The Netherlands, London, and Helsinki

Suzanne Ciani will be touring parts of Europe during the first part on November. Listed below are the dates and hyperlinks of her tour. As always, you can follow Suzanne on Facebook.

November 1st: Rotterdam - KINO x Rec Documentary Screening of "A Life in Waves" and Q&A Read more about it at

November 2nd
: Rotterdam - REC Festival - Synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani and Dutch artist Nick Verstand will do an audiovisual performance in Transport.

November 3rd: Rotterdam - REC. Festival

November 4th: Amsterdam - Paradiso Amsterdam- Bitterzoet

November 9th: London - LSC - Café OTO. Two shows.

November 10th
: Helsinki, Finland - Kaiku -

Summer 2017
Movie banner of Suzanne's movie
Suzanne Ciani's movie now available for
digital on demand and live screenings
August 4, 2017
Huge news! A Life in Waves is available on demand today.
Click this link for iTunes
Click this link for Amazon
Click this link for Playstation Store
Click here for Google Play
Click here for Microsoft Movies and TV
Click here for VUDU

Here is a link to read more about live screenings of A Life in Waves

Spring 2017
Suzanne Ciani Appears on the ECHOES Podcast
May 26, 2017
Here is a link to Suzanne Ciani's most recent interview on Echoes. Special thanks to John Diliberto for making this possible.

Suzanne Ciani to Receive 2017 Moog Innovation Award
May 15, 2017
Ciani, the first woman to receive the award, superseded many of her male contemporaries as a synthesist, sound designer, and composer. Well known as an early protege and long-time devotee of Don Buchla's, and a friend of Bob Moog's, her use of synthesizers created entirely new sounds that opened minds around the globe to electronic music as a valid form of expression. From her synthesized soundscapes in the advertorial world (like the famous Coca Cola “pop and pour” sound) to her multidimensional synth albums (like Seven Waves), Ciani has expanded the very possibilities of synthesizers and inspired others to do the same. . CLICK HERE to read more about it.

CLICK HERE to see Suzanne receive her award and he introduction to Moogfest Day 4.

CLICK HERE to read the headline from NOISEY NEWS.
Suzanne Ciani performing on the Moog Studio 55 synthesizer

Suzanne Ciani plays major role at Moogfest 2016

Organizers announced the first round of artists, musicians and programming for Moogfest 2016, scheduled for May 19 – 22 in Durham, NC. The lineup includes Gary Numan (in a three-night residency)

Spring 2016
Suzanne Ciani delivers her input on with the Moog Model 15 App
Here is an impressive article by "The Creators Project" in regards to Suzanne's valuable input to the Moog Model 15 App for the Apple iPad Pro. CLICK HERE to read more about it.

Suzanne Ciani plays major role at Moogfest 2016

Organizers announced the first round of artists, musicians and programming for Moogfest 2016, scheduled for May 19 – 22 in Durham, NC. The lineup includes Gary Numan (in a three-night residency), GZA (two night residency), Odesza, Laurie Anderson, Oneohtrix Point Never, Suzanne Ciani, Blood Orange, and Sun Ra Arkestra, with keynote presentations by “transhumanist pharma tycoon” Dr. Martine Rothblatt and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier. Click on the poster below for more details and purchase tickets.
Moogfest 2016 events poster

Spring 2015

Suzanne honored at Wellesley College
Suzanne Ciani is one of three recipients of the 2015 Alumnae Achievement Award, the highest honor given to alumnae for excellence and distinction in their fields of endeavor. She was honored on Thursday, February 12th in Wellesley’s Diana Chapman Walsh Alumnae Hall. CLICK HERE to read more about it.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Production has begun with Brad and Brett on Suzanne’s feature-length documentary film, “A Life in Waves,” fully funded by Suzanne’s fans through Kickstarter. They recently filmed while Suzanne was demonstrating the Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) 2015 in Anaheim, California. Next month they will be filming in Boston and New York City. CLICK HERE to read more about it.

Suzanne Ciani returns to the Diode
Moog has posted a solo performance video by Suzanne Ciani. CLICK HERE to watch it. CLICK HERE to hear Suzanne’s first Moog live session.

Fall - Winter 2014
Kickstarterr - Suzanne’s feature-length documentary film reaches goal
"Thank every one of you who contributed to the KickStarter campaign! We made it! Thank you for showing that there is strength in numbers and proving that we can create things together. I appreciate your participation, whether you represent the mortar between the bricks, the bricks or the crane. Thank you for your warm generosity and your fearless stretching. I know we’ll all be proud of the work that Brad and Brett create." - Suzanne Ciani
CLICK HERE to read more about Suzanne's feature-length documentary film project.

Hear Suzanne Ciani’s Inaugural Concert Podcast
A picture of Suzanne's concert at The New School of Commonweal
On June 29, Suzanne performed her original compositions on a newly gifted grand piano at The New School at Commonweal in Bolinas, California. Not only you will hear a conversation with host, Michael Lerner, but a new song by Suzanne Ciani during this special concert. Click on this link to hear it all.

A Kickstarter Project for Suzanne
Two Texas filmmakers are making a documentary about the life and career of Suzanne Ciani. They'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon to help fund the film, and you'll have an opportunity to contribute in exchange for limited edition merchandise, autographed items, and even a private concert by Suzanne herself. Stay tuned for details!

Spring - Summer 2014
Suzanne Ciani performs LIVE at Lincoln Center
A picture of Suzanne performing a concert live in NYC. Photo taken by Teri Gold.
Back in the early 1970's, Suzanne was finding her niche in electronic music by performing live in art galleries and museums throughout New York City. 40 years later on April 3, 2014, Suzanne Ciani performed a live project concert with Neotantrik (Demdike Stare's Sean Canty and Andy Votel) at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center in New York City. As a special treat for Suzanne Ciani electronic music fans, here is a video of her preparation and live performance. The video was taken by Stephanie Zieman. CLICK HERE to see the concert. CLICK HERE to read an article that was posted on he same day of Suzanne's concert.

Fall 2013
Pinball Expo Hall of Fame inductee, Suzanne Ciani
A picture of Suzanne during the Pinball Hall of Fame
On October 16th and 20th, Suzanne Ciani attended the 29th Annual Pinball Expo Conference located outside Chicago, Illinois. Suzanne participated in a group presentation about a pinball machine she help developed with Bally called Xenon. You can download (right-mouse click HERE and select "save link as") the entire 65-minute presentation or visit the Pinball News Pinball Expo 2013 Web page. Towards the bottom of the Pinball News web page, you will find several pictures of Suzanne's induction to the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Suzanne featured in Early Electronic Music Radio Series
If you are interested in some background on Suzanne's early electronic pioneering days, check out this wonderful radio series called, "These Hopeful Machines" on Radio New Zealand. They have just published a link to the interviews:

Spring - Summer 2013
Join Suzanne Help "Kickstart" a Video Documentary Project on Don Buchla
A picture of Suzanne and Don Buchla taken by Larry Klug
The Diva of the Diode is encouraging her many fans and you to contribute towards a special project on the Kickstarter website. Don Buchla is a legendary instrument maker whose inventions were part of the greatest musical transformation of the 20th century. His pioneering work laid the basis for what electronic music was to become by creating a unique analog synthesizer which completely changed the way people think about, compose, and perform music. His innovation helped Suzanne Ciani launch her electronic music career. Click here to see how you can help make this possible.

December 2012
Suzanne's NPR Interview provides Blast from the Past
Suzanne was recently Interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio for a program called, "To the Best of our Knowledge - Surrounded by Sound." CLICK HERE to hear and even download her interview.

November 2012
Suzanne in the New York Times
CLICK HERE to read an intersting article that was published on November 23 in the New York Times called, "Rediscovering the Electronic Music Godmothers."

October 2012
Suzanne Interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio
CLICK HERE to hear and even download her interview on a radio show called, "Surrounded by Sound."

September 2012
Suzanne Inducted into the FIRST Keyboard MagazineGraphic of front cover of Keyboard Magazine. Hall of Fame
The Diva of the Diode became part of the first class of inductees into the1st annual Keyboard Magazine Hall of Fame. Suzanne shares the front cover of the September 2012 issue with five other outstanding lifetime achievers. The honorees include Don Buchla, Bob Moog, David Smith, Jon Lord, and Jordan Rudess.

May 2012
Suzanne's Very First Album Reissued
From PlayGround News
The first title, released in collaboration with Finders Keepers, is the very rare first album by electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani, “Voices Of Packaged Souls”. Ciani is an Italian-American pianist, keyboardist and composer who started experimenting with modular synthesisers in the seventies. One of her sound sculptures, made alongside Harold Paris, was presented in a Brussels art gallery in 1970. For the installation, Ciani recorded “Voices Of Packaged Souls” as a sound accessory, of which only 50 LP copies were pressed at the time, which made it a highly collectible and almost impossible-to-find record. The album will be out on 21st May on vinyl only, in a limited edition of 1000 screen-printed copies.

There was no indication when it will be available on CD and digital download.

A list of tracks can be found HERE!
Images of the album and sample tracks can be found HERE!

CLICK HERE to hear Suzanne's interview on Outsight Radio Hours
Suzanne Ciani speaks on Outsight Radio Hours about her earliest recordings releases on Lixivations as well as links to download her interview.

March 2012

Suzanne appeared in the Los Angeles Times! CLICK HERE to read more about it.

Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic provides a musical factoid within his interview with Suzanne. It is a blast!

to hear Suzanne's interview on NPR's All Things Considered - Weekend Edition

logo and link to Suzanne's interview on National Public Radio All Things Consider weekend editionSuzanne Ciani was interviewed on Weekend All Things Considered by Jacki Lyden about Lixiviation, her new archival release on Finders Keepers Records. It is available as a podcast on NPR's site.

February 2012

Suzanne appears in an article from
The Washington Post
Unreleased Suzanne Ciani Tracks Set For New Complilation

Suzanne's new album graphicAs reported by Radio Rage on January 9, 2012

Lixiviation, a retrospective of unreleased material from electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani, will be released on February 28 on B-Music/ Finders Keepers Records.

Lixiviation is a compilation of unearthed gems from one of electronic music's earliest innovators. Spanning nearly two decades from 1968-1985 the 16-track album celebrates Ciani's formative years as a musician as it showcases her early synth compositions alongside her cutting edge commercial work for such companies as Atari, PBS, Ballys and Coca-cola. Lixiviation comes as the result of a new creative archive based relationship between B-Music/Finders Keepers Records and Suzanne Ciani.

Ciani's detailed and academic approach to music and electronics coupled with an impeccable sense of timing and melody (and a good sense of humor) shines throughout this new collection of previously unreleased recordings. Lixiviation compiles and re-contextualizes both secret music and commercial experiments of Ciani made for microcosmic time slots and never previously documented on vinyl or CD.

The album oscillates between Ciani's early experimental electronic compositions and a variety of commercial works. There's her famous "Pop & Pour" for Coca-Cola, scores for ITT and Almay commercials, and the Atari video games logo and corporate tag. There's also the Kraftwerk-esque TV spot for Atari's "Liberator." Interspersed through the compilation is a variety of ultra rare synth experiments, ranging from the otherworldly hums and arpeggiated synth lines of title track "Lixiviation" to the bubbling dreamscape of "Princess with Orange Feet" and the nine-minute ambient finale of "Second Breath."

Track listing of this album can be found here.

Additional information can be found HERE too!

Hear sample tracks HERE!

Review from Record Collection

CLICK HERE to read the latest review by Pitchfork

Another review from Bowlegs

Buy your copy from Amazon and read the review

Suzanne is a Bloomin' Boomer
Picture of a front cover of a book called bloomin boomers Suzanne Ciani is in a book called Bloomin' Boomers. Sandra Lee Scott, who was born in the first year of the Baby Boomer (1946), grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She released a book titled Bloomin’ Boomers: Pop Culture Legacy of the Vanguard Baby Boomers. Laced with photos and illustrations, Bloomin' Boomers shows the profound impact the leading-edge Baby Boomers have had on the popular culture. The lives of 191 Bloomers such as Diane Keaton, Suzanne Ciani, Dolly Parton, Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone, Cheech Marin, Linda Ronstadt, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Sally Field, Ben Vereen, Patty Duke, Steven Spielberg and Jimmy Buffett are highlighted. Brimming with insight, wisdom, wit, and tales of resilience, the book entertains and inspires with its spotlights on the leading-edge Bloomers.

It is available through and other book retailers.

Fall 2011
Picture of Silver Ship album cover with link to high-def album download Hi-Def Release of Silver Ship NOW AVAILABLE!
Silver Ship came out in 2005 and won the Indie Award for Best New Age Album that year. I had lovingly recorded the music at the highest possible digital rate: 192khz 24 bit. (CDs are released normally at 44.1khz 16 bit, so this is a much higher resolution). But until now, there was no way to release these higher quality recordings.

Now, Blue Coast Records, headed by my friend Cookie Marenco, is offering high quality digital masters to the handful of connoisseurs who appreciate them! So, please check it out at:

October 20, 2011 picture of concert poster of I Muestra Internacional de Piano
Solo Piano
I Muestra Internacional de Piano

Teatro Casa de la Cultura,
Pza. Del Trigo, 9, Aranda de Duero
Burgos, Spain

"In October, I headed to Burgos, Spain, for another festival of pianists, but with special guest Will Ackerman on guitar. Please CLICK on the poster on the right for more details." - Suzanne

Summer 2011

Friday, September 9 and 11, 2011Poster of Suanne Ciani and Julio Mazziotti
Solo Piano Concerts with
Suzanne Ciani with Special Guest: Argentinian Pianist Julio Mazziotti

Friday, September 9, 8:00 PM
142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, CA
Ticket Information at:

Sunday, September 11, 4:00 PM
The Dance Palace, Point Reyes, CA
Additional Ticket Information coming soon at:

"Two of my local concerts will include guest Argentinian Pianist Julio Mazziotti, a very talented and charming composer/pianist whom I first met last year in Mallorca at the First International Meeting of World Pianists. He invited me to play in Mendoza, Argentina last February at the prestigious Teatro Independencia, a sold-out concert, and I am reciprocating, hoping to introduce him to my fans here." - Suzanne

Sunday, July 31, 2011 Picture of the Piedmont piano Company
An intimate concert at the
Piedmont Piano Company

18th & San Pablo, (1728 San Pablo Ave.)
Oakland, California

Tickets: $20.00
To reserve tickets by credit card
please call 510-547-8188

"Touring around the world, I sometimes forget to play in my own backyard! So, I am very excited about performing at Piedmont Piano on July 31st. I will be playing some of my more classically inspired pianistic pieces like Berceuse, after Chopin, and Meeting Mozart, but also some of my more popular compositions like Turning and the Velocity of Love. I look forward to seeing my friends from the East Bay and any who are willing to make the trek to this very special piano concert." - Suzanne


CLICK HERE to see Highlights of Suzanne's
2011 South America Tour

Winter 2010-2011

Suzanne leaning on a rail in Venice, Italy
A New Album
Project in the Works

As reported by Suzanne Ciani

I want to report that my writing expedition to Venice, Italy, was a great success and I hope to have the new compositions that were inspired in that magical place ready for production by this spring. Right now the project is called “Postcards from Venice,” and the ideas came just rushing in to me the moment I settled in my beautiful palazzo right on a canal filled with passing gondolas.

Suzanne Ciani Upcoming Concerts
Dance Palace Piano Concert

Picture of The Dance Center taken by Anne Cutler - all rughts reservedSunday, January 9, 2011 - 4:00 PM
The Dance Palace Community Center
503 B Street, Point Reyes Station, California

Tickets: $23 - Day of Show, $21 in advance
: $20 - Day of Show, $18 in advance
Contact Information: (415) 663-1075 -

I have been going to concerts at the Dance Palace since I moved out here to Marin County 19 years ago and even heard George Winston there not too long ago. It is about time I gave a concert there myself (other than the volunteer concert I did for Bread & Roses recently) and so have taken a date for this coming January. It is not the center of the world, but a wonderful place to be!

“Semanas Musicales 2011” de Frutillar, Chile
(As guest pianist/composer of flautist, Viviana Guzman)
Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frutillar, Chile

Additional Information:

I met flautist Viviana Guzman when we played with the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra and was amazed at her talent. Since then we have begun recording a new album together and I have written some pieces especially for her. I am thrilled to be sharing the stage with her at this important international music event, the 43rd annual “Semanaas Musicales” in Chile.

In early February, I will be playing in Argentina with a pianist whom I met at my concert in Mallorca at the Centre Cap Vermell where I played on October 12th and 16th for the “Encuentro Internacional de Piahistas del Mundo.” Julio Mazziotti was one of the 5 pianists and he is helping me to realize my dream of playing in Argentina.

Winter 2008

Suzanne Ciani’s Galapagos: A Musical Odyssey
To Make Television Debut on

KCSM TV, a public supported television station located in the San Francisco Bay Area, will broadcast Suzanne Ciani's latest music video project on

Wednesday (Christmas Eve), December 24 at 8:00 PM PST.

This one-hour presentation will be aired into the heart of the fifth largest television market in the United States with the potential of reaching an audience of more than 6 million people. This program will give viewers an opportunity to purchase Suzanne Ciani's new DVD, Galapagos: A Musical Odyssey. Please encourage your family, friends, and fans to watch this television special on December 24th.

Fall 2008

Suzanne's NEW Music DVD
"Galapagos: A Musical Odyssey" is now Available!

Cover art of Galapagos DVD cover"Never before has the magic, richness and vitality of nature's most important evolutionary laboratory been captured so brilliantly with film and music. This engaging film will leave you forever changed."

-Donald Johanson, Discoverer of Lucy and Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins.

“I was fortunate to be invited to visit the Galapagos Islands, one of the world’s last remaining pristine paradises and had the further good fortune to meet naturalist guide Robert Grimstone. This DVD is the result of our collaboration to bring you a marriage of image and sound: exquisite HD images created by a cinematographer with a deep understanding of the wildlife he is filming, and my music, which has always been inspired by nature.”

- Suzanne Ciani

Shot in HD, the exotic wildlife is all here, from dancing Boobies to sleek-swimming sharks, all in perfect harmony with Ciani's brilliant music. Bring your home theatre to life with images filmed in high definition and music in 5.1 surround sound.

• Includes a bonus slideshow “An Historic Perspective” narrated by Naturalist Robert Grimstone.
• Eleven musical scores by 5-time Grammy nominee Suzanne Ciani.
• Optional animal subtitles
• Edutainment for children and adults!

Main Program: 50 Minutes 

CLICK HERE to visit Suzanne’s Online Store to order your copy today!

CLICK HERE to Download Galapagos DVD Press Release

"Natura Poetica" DVD
comes to Seventh Wave

DVD art of Natura PoeticaA little over a decade ago, Image Entertainment and Odyssey Productions released a video collection of magnificent nature films synchronized to Suzanne's music. And now, Seventh Wave has remastered this timeless collection to meet today’s quality standards. Featuring films by some of today's top new age cinematographers, including David Fortney (Earthdance, Earthscape, Light Dance) and Ken Jenkins (Illumination, Inner Peace), and French director Sylvie Jacquemin.

Poetica brings to life some of Suzanne's best-loved songs, including The Velocity of Love, Neverland, Riding Heaven's Wave, and many more.

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy today!

You NOW can pay with
Pay Pal logo

When you purchase any Ciani CD or DVD from Suzanne’s Online Store, you can pay for your order with PayPal. Just select PayPal when you place your order.


Fall 2007
Suzanne Releases NEW Songbook

BEST of Suzanne Ciani
published by Hal Leonard Corporation

Click here to to see a larger view of songbook.The Seventh Wave Online Shoppe welcomes Suzanne's forth sheet music book featuring newsongs from SILVER SHIP and PIANISSIMO III and favorites from Pianissimo II, III, and Meditations for Dreams Relaxation and Sleep.

List of Songs:
Celtic Nights
For Lise
Full Moon Sonata
Go Gently
La Mer
Meeting Mozart
Snow Crystals
Sogno Agitato
The Velocity of Love

It's available from Suzanne's online shoppe for only $17.95 plus shipping.

Suzanne Ciani and Special Guests Join Mr. Bonzai at the
Audio Engineering Society Convention
Saturday, October 6th, 2007
New York City

New York, NY (September 26, 2007)
-- Electronic music pioneer, New Age icon and classical composer Suzanne Ciani will be joining author Mr. Bonzai to sign copies of his book, Faces of Music: 25 Years of Lunching with Legends, at the upcoming 123rd Audio Engineering Society convention.

Ciani will join Mr. Bonzai at the Cengage (formerly Thomson) Course Technology booth (#1044) at 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 6. She is one of 160 artists, producers, and engineers profiled in photos and interviews in the hardcover edition of the book, which will be on sale at a discount price of $20.

Faces of Music features over 400 photographs, many never-before published, and 160 interviews with popular music artists, songwriters, producers, and recording engineers including Jimmy Buffet, Ed Cherney, Leonard Cohen, Devo, Geoff Emerick, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Eddie Kramer, k.d. lang, David Lynch, George Massenburg, George GearWire interview with SuzanneMartin, Robert Moog, Willie Nelson, Phil Ramone, Carlos Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Al Schmitt, Bruce Swedien, Don Was, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder and Frank Zappa.
To learn more about the Audio Engineering Society convention, visit:

UPDATE: During the convention, GearWire posted an interview with Suzanne Ciani.
CLICK HERE to watch the QuickTime video.


Summer 2007

Ciani Concert in Spain July 6 2007

Click here to view a larger version of the poster.Suzanne Ciani and The Wave
July 2007 Spain Tour

July 6, 2007 in Lorca - 11:00 PM
CASTILLO DE LORCA “Noches del Castillo”

Venue details: an old castle in Lorca, a town in the region of Murcia, SW Spain. Capacity 2500. This concert is part of a 2-week Music Festival Series in Lorca which will feature performers from the Rolling Stones
to Joe Cocker to Suzanne Ciani and the Wave!

July 8, 2007 in Valencia - 9:00 PM

Venue details: this is an open air space within the garden area with capacity for 3,000 seated. This show is part of the events held in Valencia for the America’s Cup. Suzanne Ciani and The Wave return to Spain. Select the picture above to view a promotional poster. You can also visit the Spanish website of her concert at....

Exclusive Podcast Interview with Suzanne Ciani from

Suzanne participated in a unique 80-minute interview with host, Phil Paranicas (Casale & Paras) of Suzanne shares her journey from the days as an electronic music pioneer to her more recent jazz, solo piano, orchestral and live productions. The Podcast interview is available from An uninterrupted version of the interview is available on Compact Disc from

More Vintage CIANI movies coming to YouTube
YouTube logo
Very soon, another website that would contain more historical footage of Suzanne early career will be posted on YouTube.
Use your favorite web browser to bookmark this site.


Spring 2007

Suzanne Ciani to perform Click here for larger image. - Photo of stage view at the LG Arts Theatre
in South Korea
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
LG Arts Theatre

Suzanne Ciani has been invited to play in Seoul, South Korea.

“I am really excited to be performing in South Korea. I have wanted to go there for years, but until this opportunity came up, it was just a distant dream.”
- Suzanne Ciani

Ciani will be touring with artists David Lanz and the duo Tingstad and Rumble, who will play on separate nights. The tour will include television appearances on popular Korean shows. Ciani will be playing solo piano and supporting the release of her new Silver Ship album there. To learn more about the LG Arts Theatre, you may visit their web site at

Click here for larger image. - Photo of Napster UK AwardSuzanne Ciani Wins Napster Award:
ARTIST, United Kingdom

"I was really surprised to get this award since my royalties from the UK don’t reflect my apparent popularity there. I guess I will have to plan some live concerts to meet the fans. As an indie artist, I am both happy and disappointed: happy to be thus honored and disappointed that this popularity does not translate into real income in this case. I hope digital downloading systems will adjust to properly compensate artists." - Suzanne Ciani

Press Release from Napster:

“2006 Napster Awards” Honor Artists and Songs Played Most by Subscribers

In contrast to other music industry awards, the Napster Awards are determined by the actual listening behavior of music fans who subscribe to Napster’s industry-leading subscription service and play over one billion songs each year. Presented to the artists and songs that enjoyed the highest number of plays in the service between December 1, 2005 and November 30, 2006, the Napster Awards illustrate that there is a significant difference between the music that sells the most and the music that’s played the most when fans are in an unlimited access music subscription environment.

Napster subscribers have on-demand, unlimited access to over 3 million full-length songs for one monthly fee without paying a dollar a track, so their listening activities are a measure of the songs and artists they actively chose to play most over the past year. Napster calculated the total number of plays of each song and artist in its vast catalog over the past year in each of the five countries where it offers its PC-based service to determine the recipients of the 2006 Napster Awards

“The Napster Awards provide insight into how music fans behave when they can listen to an enormous variety of music away from restrictive radio playlists, limited retail shelf space and 30-second clip, buck a track digital stores,” said Chris Gorog, chairman and CEO of Napster. “We congratulate all of the 2006 Napster Award winners, and look forward to continuing to honor the music Napster subscribers enjoy playing the most.”

You can read the rest of the winners at:

National Public Radio logoSuzanne Ciani Interview to Air on NPR Station WTSU / WRWA / WTJB, heard in Alabama, Florida and Georgia on March 26th

In an hour-long interview with host Nick Thomas, Suzanne Ciani
talks about her career as a composer and recording artist. The conversation moves chronologically from Ciani’s earliest recording, Seven Waves, an electronic recording released in 1982 , to her years at Private Music and then to her current period as an independent artist on her own Seventh Wave label.

“Public Radio has been a big supporter of my music and is the radio I love to listen to most,” says Ciani.

The station will be offering Ciani’s newest release, Silver Ship, as part of their current fundraiser

Suzanne appearing in New Podcast Interview

Look out for an exciting new interview of Suzanne hosted by Phil Paranicas of Internet Radio. Due to be released in Spring 2007, the one-on-one 75+ minute interview contains seven of Suzanne's wondrous compositions. It will be available as a free three-part Podcast or can be purchased as a full-length CD. Stay tuned to or for details. Don't miss it!

COMING SOON to Suzanne's Online Store
"The Best of Suzanne Ciani" Piano Book"

Seventh Wave Productions announces the up-coming release of a new book of piano compositions by Suzanne Ciani. The new edition, entitled “The Best of Suzanne Ciani,” will be Ciani’s 4th publication with the well-known music publisher Hal Leonard, the world leader in the music print industry, and will include not only Ciani classics, but several yet unpublished compositions from her recordings Silver Ship and Pianissimo III.

Suzanne's second piano book, Dream Songs, is availabe in Adobe PDF format at the Seventh Wave Online Store. This format allows you to conveniently print your favorite Suzanne songs. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy today.

Click here for larger image. - Photo of Steve, Suzanne, and DonMacworld 2007 Convention is Backdrop for Historic Luncheon

While attending the recent Macworld Convention in San Francisco, Suzanne Ciani had the pleasure of sharing a 3-hour lunch with technocrats Steve Wozniak, mastermind behind the original Apple computer, and Don Buchla, inventor of the Buchla Electronic Music Box.

"When I found out these two had never met, and both have played such important roles in the music technology that I use, I felt that the opportunity to bring us all together was very special. A day to remember!"
- Suzanne Ciani

Prior to the meeting, our webmaster stirred Wozniak's curiosity about Buchla's musical innovations by pointing him to a URL on Suzanne's website. There he saw rare video footage of Suzanne demonstrating the Buchla Synthesizer as a guest on a Public Television program 27 years ago.

It can be found at:

You can visit Don Buchla's website at along with Steve Wozniak's website at

CIANI MEMENTOS Resource Library Expanded

For your viewing pleasure, our webmaster is happy to announce an expansion of vintage movies and images of Suzanne's early years of electronic music. These include interviews, special appearances, and commercials produced by CIANI - MUSICA.

When it first appeared on the Internet, Apple, Inc. had to close the web site due to a huge increase of data transfer from the sites. In English, that means too many visitors were viewing Suzanne's movies.

"Apple couldn't give us an explanation why there was a sudden surge of Data Transfer Rate. They were only interested in having us pay more for additional data space."
- The Webmaster.

CLICK HERE to visit Vintage CIANI Videos

CLICK HERE to visit The Best of CIANI - MUSICA

Happy viewing!


CLICK HERE to view more Ciani News from 1998 through 2006

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