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Silver Ship album cover with linkSilver Ship -- © 2005 Musica International -- Release June 2005.
Indie Award Winner.

Ten original compositions to enchant and move you. A synthesis of both Ciani’s classical acoustic and electronic roots, Silver Ship represents her ultimate maturity as an artist.

Album cover of Pure Romance
Pure Romance -- © 2003 Musica International -- Release Fall 2003.
Five-time Grammy nominee, composer/pianist Suzanne Ciani is the quintessential romantic and here she takes you to an inner world of beauty, peace and passion that both transports and heals in this classically-inspired contemporary collection.

Album cover of Pianissimo 3Pianissimo III -- © 2001 Musica International -- Release Fall 2001. Pianissimo III continues the tradition of Suzanne Ciani's solo piano recordings, presenting both new compositions and earlier pieces in new piano arrangements.

Ablum Cover  - TurningTurning -- © 1999 Musica International -- Release Fall 1999.
Grammy Award nominee.  Indie Award nominee.
Suzanne Ciani's 11th album, "Turning" offers a variety of expressive musical offerings. Turning includes 12 new compositions, featuring her signature piano playing wrapped in the instrumentation of The Wave ensemble.

album cover of live albumSuzanne Ciani and The Wave: LIVE! -- © 1997 Musica International, Inc. -- Released 1997 Seventh Wave Productions. Indie  Award nominee.
The album and the concert displayed Suzanne's talents as a composer and musician like none in the past. In her hands and the hands of a group of exuberant and talented jazz musicians, her music came alive in a new and wonderful way.

album cover of a very green ChristmasA Very Green Christmas - Artist for Earth -- © 1997 Seventh Wave Productions.
Painting soft backdrops and relaxing atmospheres, this album brings a gentle, grounded Christmas experience from a large lineup of world renowned musicians known as "Artists for Earth." They are: Suzanne Ciani, Michael Manring, Paul McCandless, Alex de Grassi, Georgia Kelly, Matt Eakle, James Asher, Spencer Brewer, Ira Stein & more.

Album cover of Pianissimo 2Pianissimo II -- © 1996 Musica International, Inc. -- Released 1996 Seventh Wave Productions. Grammy Award nominee.
Suzanne Ciani's music have always set the mood for any occasion. This album is no exception. In Pianissimo II, Suzanne performs her favorite songs on a custom-built Yamaha concert grand piano at George Lucas's Skywalker Studio.

Album cover of dream suiteDream Suite -- © 1994 Musica International, Inc. -- Released 1994 Seventh Wave Productions. Grammy Award nominee.
Departing from her trademark electronic instrumentation, Suzanne Ciani returns in Dream Suite to her orchestral and acoustic roots. Recorded in Moscow with the 70-member Young Russia Orchestra.

Album cover of the private music of Suzanne CianiThe Private Music of Suzanne Ciani -- © 1992 Musica International, Inc.; © 1992 Private Music/BMG -- Released 1992 Private Music/BMG.
Here's an interesting collection of her best songs during her years with the Private Music recording label. There were two new songs that were added to this album: Go Gently and Sailing to Byzantium.

Album cover of Hotel LunaHotel Luna -- © 1991 Musica International, Inc.; © 1991 Private Music/BMG -- Released 1991 Private Music/BMG. Grammy Award nominee.
Suzanne traveled to Italy to locate her family's roots. The results: a wonderful family gathering and the inspiration of this album. Suzanne also captured her second Grammy Nomination for new age album of the year.

Album cover of PianissimoPianissimo -- © 1990 Musica International, Inc.; © 1990 Private Music/BMG -- Released 1990 Private Music/BMG.
In an auditorium at the Yamaha Corporation in Buena Park, California, Suzanne produced her first piano solo album. Pianissimo is a collection of favorite songs from her previous albums. CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT

Album cover of History of My HeartHistory of My Heart -- © 1989 Musica International, Inc.; © 1989 Private Music/BMG -- Released 1989 Private Music/BMG.
In 1989, Suzanne released her forth album, History of my Heart. One of her favorite songs, Eagle, still receive air play today.

Album cover of NeverlandNeverland -- © 1988 Musica International, Inc.; © 1988 Private Music/BMG -- Released 1988 Private Music/BMG. Grammy Award nominee.
Suzanne's third album, Neverland was considered one of the BEST albums ever produced. Suzanne also received her FIRST Grammy Award Nomination for best new age album of the year. CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT

Album cover of Velorcity of loveThe Velocity of Love -- © 1986 Musica International, Inc. -- Released 1986 RCA Records; 1991 Private Music/BMG; 1995 Seventh Wave Productions.
"The Velocity of Love" remains a staple of Adult Contemporary radio. Listeners around the world have fallen in love and even married to this enduring, classic anthem of love and romance.

Album cover of Seven WavesSeven Waves -- © 1982 Musica International, Inc. -- Released 1982 JVC/Victor; 1984 Atlantic Finnadar; 1988 Private Music/BMG; 1994 Seventh Wave Productions.
As the music director of KTWV in Los Angeles puts it, "Suzanne Ciani's music has evoked more emotion from WAVE listeners than virtually any other artist."

DVDs and Video Cassette (VHS)

Galapagos DVDGalapagos: A Musical Odyssey DVD - © 2008 Musica International, Inc
Release Fall 2008

The Artist's Profile Suzanne CianiThe Artist's Profile Suzanne Ciani
- © 1998 Ecliptic Productions
and Seventh Wave Productions
VHS - PAL - Released 1998 Seventh Wave Productions - Ecliptic Productions

Natura Poetica DVD Natura Poetica - © 1997 Seventh Wave Productions
VHS - PAL - Released 1997 Seventh Wave Productions - Image Entertainment
DVD - 2001 Image Entertainment;
DVD - 2008 Seventh Wave Productions.

Suzanne Ciani and The Wave, LIVE DVDSuzanne Ciani and The Wave: LIVE! --© 1997 Seventh Wave Productions
VHS - Released 1997 Seventh Wave Productions
© 2002 Musica International, Inc.
DVD - Released 2002 Seventh Wave Productions.

Sheet Muisc Books

Best of Suzanne Ciani songbookThe Best of Suzanne Ciani
Suzanne Ciani 2007,
Hal Leonard Corporation

Turning SongbookTurning,

Suzanne Ciani: 1999,
Hal Leonard Corporation

Dream SongsDream Songs,

Suzanne Ciani: 1995,
Hal Leonard Corporation.

New Age Piano songbookNew Age Piano,

Suzanne Ciani: 1991,
Hal Leonard Corporation

Film Scores by Suzanne Ciani

Mother Teresa: The LegacyMother Teresa: The Legacy,
2001 (Petrie Productions) -- Feature documentary on the life, death, and legacy of Mother Teresa.

Mother TeresaMother Teresa,
1986 (Petrie Productions) -- Feature documentary on the life of Mother Teresa. Winner of the Moscow Peace Prize.

The Incredible Shrinking WomanThe Incredible Shrinking Woman,

1980 (Universal Pictures) -- Comedy feature film with Lily Tomlin and Charles Grodin.


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