1980 Bally "XENON"

Designed by Greg Kmiec and artwork by Paul Faris. This is my all time favorite pinball. This is the one I would go straight to and start shoving quarters into. My girlfriend had one of those hot press t-shirts made for my birthday that said "enter xenon" (the opening line for the game). I just loved the layout and the artwork of the thing. Xenon is a future-fantasy game with great sound FX which were done by Ciani Musica. Xenon would go "oooh" and "ahhh" with each hit of the targets which really sounded kind of naughty. I read an article in DB magazine (a professional audio journal) about Suzanne Ciani, a synthesizer wizard and jingle writer who had done the voices and FX for the "sexy new pinball from Bally" and was releasing her debut album. I was intrigued enough to order the LP which was an import from Japan. I loved "Seven Waves" and so did many others. Ciani caught on and helped define the "new age" revolution in music.

Here is a link to Ms. Ciani's website <click here>
Here is an interview with Suzanne Ciani on her involvement with Xenon <click here>


Most of the time pinball's use a lot of red in their color themes, but Xenon also had a lot of blue. These pics don't really show that. Xenon had blue bumper caps and all the plastic posts are blue. It just gave it more of that futuristic look as well as sticking with the xenon theme. Xenon filled lights are very bright and have a bluish quality to them as you can see by the current trend in automotive headlight systems.



Here is a close up of Xenon's signature TUBE SHOT, a clear acrylic tube that transports the ball from one side of the playfield to the other. This has a string of small lights that chase as the ball goes through it.

Very cool.


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