English Translation, Sound Sets, Related Links, and Credits
SEnglish Translation of the Making of XENON
Translation and avi-conversion by Marco Vos

0m 0s
The next subject in our program is about a woman in the USA "Suzanna Ciani", and she is busy getting voices in equipment like this. Look and especially listen.........Welcome to Xenon..........
0m 29s
This Suzanna Ciani, composer of electronic music. In a studio crammed with synths, amplifiers, computers and recorders, she does all the compositions herself.
0m 52s
Her specialty is making background-music for movies. But now she faces a new challenge: a manufacturer of pinball machines wants special sounds for their newest game
1m 22s
A double challenge: sounds vs. voices
2m 34s
The pinball symphony: a new phenomenon, but where do the sounds come from? The secret is hidden in a microprocessor: a computer as large as a domino. In it, there are 48.000 parts of information stored. If you connect it to a operating computer, they will be played with the speed of sound.
3m 05s
The women's voice in a pinball. But how does one get it into a chip? Besides, women's voices have a higher frequency than male voices, so therefore need almost double storage space. This chip gives Suzanna 5 seconds speechtime. Xenon..................
4m 51s
The recorded sounds are being analyzed, measured and crunched in order to fit in the chip. Then they will be programmed in way that they will react on the lamps and the scored points.
5m 23s
Finally, the chips are being mounted in the pinball.
5m 54s
Soundchips are reasonably new. We hear Suzanna's voice for 5 seconds. But maybe in the future, we will have soundchips that will contain entire symphonies.

CIANI Xenon Sound Sets

Here are some Xenon Sound Sets that you may use on your computer. To Download, please click on any highlighted file listed below.

Windows PC
AOL Xenon Sound Set - Contains 9 sounds to help enhance your AOL Internet experience. It’s very easy to install.
WAV Xenon Sound Set - Contains 9 sounds to use with your favorite Windows sound utilities.
Outlook Express Xenon Sound Set - Download this file a drop it into your Sound Sets folder. Contains 5 sounds.
The Mother of all Xenon Sound Sets - 21 Xenon Sounds in WAV Format. Bill Baverstock provided these sounds from his own Xenon Pinball Machine. CLICK HERE to visit his web site.

Related XENON Pinball Web Links

Xenon Speaks Again! – Graphic designer and pinball game enthusiast, Bill Baverstock did an exclusive interview with the voice of Xenon, Suzanne Ciani.

Links to larger picture of Xenon GamePlay Xenon on your PC
– Thanks to a remarkable Pinball Game emulator called "VPinMame," you can play Xenon and many other famous Pinball games on your PC. There are several files you need to download prior to playing your favorite pinball game. (Not available for Macintosh.)

Pinball Paradise - The Swiss Pinball Website. This site also has a Xenon Promotional Flyer for your viewing pleasure.

Credits - How did this web page come together?

In July 2001, Suzanne sent some photos to the Webmaster of her sister web site, “WaveWatch.” He was so impressed with the photos; he built a special web page called, “Early Ciani.” One day, someone posted a comment on Suzanne Ciani’s Discussion Forum about her early years of electronic music. Kendrick Kelly of San Francisco brought to everyone’s attention about a project Suzanne did for a pinball manufacturer. He also provided a link to a six-minute documentary about her project.

The “Making of Xenon Videoclip” was a video documentary that was aired about 18 years ago on Dutch television. Marco Vos of The Netherlands had a video tape copy and convert it to an AVI file. He posted the AVI video clip on a popular Pinball web site.

Suzanne’s webmaster was so amazed with the video; he did a web search of Xenon Pinball web sites. He visited a Xenon pinball web site called, “Special When Lit.” Bill Baverstock of Raleigh, NC designed the web site. He let Suzanne’s webmaster borrowed some Xenon art work and provided sounds from his Xenon pinball machine. Suzanne Ciani’s web site greatly appreciates Kendrick Kelly, Bill Baverstock, and Marco Vos for making this web page come together.

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