After earning her degrees from Wellesley College and the University of California at Berkeley, Suzanne Ciani brought her new form of electronic music to New York City.

On July 21, 1974, the New York Times featured her in an article on the cover of the Arts & Entertainment section (Click here to read the article). She tried to make a living from her electronic music projects and performances, but it wasn't enough. Suzanne eventually found a commercial outlet for her talents that would take the advertising industry to a new level of creativity.

The New York Times article was the first stepping stone that eventually helped Suzanne become one of the innovators of Electronic Music and Sound Design.

In 1975, Suzanne created a electronic music score for experimental filmmaker,
Lloyd Williams movie, "Rainbow's Children." He also took pictures of Suzanne working on his soundtrack (see photos below with *). Amazingly, Lloyd still have the 16-track magnetic tape that Suzanne created for his movie.

To help celebrate Suzanne Ciani's first outstanding achievement, Suzanne's webmaster prepared this web page to highlight her early years of Electronic Music.

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A very young, Suzanne Ciani with the Buchla Analog Modular Synthesizer in the background.
The camera's eye captured her movements on the Buchla Modular Synthesizer.
Suzanne's portable version of her Buchla at the ABC studios. She is working on their "Sound Tag."
Suzanne Ciani and her Buchla Modular Synthesizer in 1975.
The sound that was heard around the world.
Suzanne creating a electronic music score for Lloyd Williams
Suzanne working on the
famous, Coke Cola Pop 'n Pour sound. Standing next to Suzanne is her producer, Billy Davis.

CLICK HERE to hear the Coke Cola Pop 'n Pour sound. It might make you thirsty.
Suzanne surrounded by a smaller Buchla Modular Synthesizer, ARP Omni, and ARP Pro Soloist.
Suzanne's family portrait. ARP String Ensemble, ARP Pro-Soloist, and Buchla Modular Synthesizer.
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*Photos by Lloyd Williams